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Arlington, VA, United States
24 Oct — 31 Oct
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Arlington, VA, United States
Sun 24.10
Sun 31.10
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8.7 Excellent (570 reviews)
1 location in Arlington
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10.0 Excellent2021 Sep 10
Signage for Alamo as you come off elevator at DCA was a little confusing. You have to stay on level A1 to get your contract, then bring contract to Level A3 to pick up car. We went to A3 first because it was the only signage we saw. That meant we had to return to A1. Not a huge deal, but a time saver if you know it. Other than that, Alamo was A+ all the way!!!
3.9 Mediocre2021 Aug 09
Hyundai Accent gets good gas mileage, but I booked a mid size vehicle. The attendant said we only have this left. He was with another company so didn’t go over anything. Used to taking pictures of any scratches or holes in seats. We have photos that the car had wear before we drove it. Over 40 k miles on a rental. A little higher than normal.
4.0 Okay2021 Mar 08
I rented a midsize suv such as the RAV 4. Alamo initially offered a small mitsubishi "suv" at the garage. I declined and they provided an "upgrade" to a chevy equinox...another compact suv nice car but one class lower than the midsize billed. Very nice staff, but that was wrong.
10.0 Excellent2021 Jan 09
Very friendly agent, great car.
2.0 Mediocre2021 Jan 03
Absolutely nothing.I didn't get to rent the car because after calling Alamo multiple times to confirm policies, I spent 30$ taking an Uber to the airport only to be told I had been given wrong information and they would not rent me the car. It nearly cost me a night of my vacation and I ultimately had to borrow a car at great inconvenience to a family member. Will never ever use Alamo again.
10.0 Excellent2020 Dec 30
Staff was very capable and able to accommodate a larger vehicle based on our needs on the spot.
10.0 Excellent2020 Dec 27
the staff was so welcoming and polite and made the process really easynothing, excellent
4.0 Okay2020 Dec 27
I wasn't able to rent it. They wouldn not accept my credit card which was a visa debit/credit card.
8.0 Excellent2020 Nov 26
Friendly and helpful staffCounter and car are far away and one cannot just get the car.
8.4 Excellent2020 Oct 23
Staff was friendly. Pick up and drop off was really easy.
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6.6 Good (212 reviews)
3 locations in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
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1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 22
To make sure I would have the SUV of my choice I booked for both a Friday and Saturday pickup. On Thursday, I went to the pick up office and spoke to the manager. I was assured that my SUV would be available, if not there was an acceptable equal and if neither was there then I would be upgraded. I got a phone call on Friday morning saying that neither budget or sister company avis had anything in any size to offer. I tried calling budget's corporate office but never reached a human being in any of their various departments. I tried calling the local office manager again and was told that I had cancelled my reservation. This was absolutely untrue. In fact he had cancelled it; probably eliminated that office needing to explain their own problem to corporate. I managed to make a last minute reservation through Thrifty/Dollar that would up costing me over a thousand dollars more and provided me with a size smaller SUV. Even though budget is the rental company that I have used the most across the years, I will never under any circumstances rent from them again. Kenneth Cole Arlington, Va
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 14
I liked the car upgrade. The Dodge Challenger was very fun to drive. The car cleanliness was awful. The car reeked of smoke and it was not clean inside or outside. The windshield had smudges and watermarks that made it difficult to see driving when the sun was low in the sky. The cupholders had food stains in them. The smoke odor caused me to suffer from allergies and I lost sleep and productivity at work. The mileage on the car that was applied to my receipt was inaccurate. I drive the car less than 150 miles, but the receipt said 320 miles.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 09
I booked the Nissan Pathfinder for the trip because it is big and save gas for the long distance. When I came there and received the Ford Explorer. I asked why they changed. A receptionist told that was the same just believed them. However, the car was small, left passenger door unable open, trunk car’s small, including the smoking smell. The car ran out of gas very quickly. The car used expensive gas and ran 17-18mpg. That was suck. I lost my believe in them. I gave them the feedback from Johann Gorjon: “ I deeply regret that we were not able to meet your expectations regarding your past rental. When you make a booking , its in the car class and not the make and model. If it showed a pathfinder or similar.” It seems like that my fault. That is really ridiculous and unprofessional. I had asked 2 times for confirmation and that was all I received. no credibility
3.9 Mediocre2021 Jul 17
Vehicle they gave me had worn out front tires. They were worn to the point that the wear bars wear showing across the entire tire. Lots of fun in the rain. If you are going to hang on to vehicles until they have 40,000 plus miles on them, maintain them!
10.0 Excellent2021 Jun 22
The carNothing much, their business was good
4.0 Okay2021 Apr 26
Nice staff, quick service.I was told that I could return my car @4pm Sunday since I picked it up @4pm Thursday. Come Sunday, the Budget location I was suppose to return the car was closed already (2pm). I had to contact customer support and change the location and pay additional fees I did not anticipate. Including a late charge due to being further away from the new drop off location. The misinformation has caused me to pay more out of pocket when I was not aware. Extremely confused and was put on hold for awhile. As everyone was very helpful, I did not like being misinformed and being charged for something that was out of my control.
10.0 Excellent2021 Apr 14
I loved the person that helped us checkin she was amazing and accommodating.Not sure why the price changed but I am waiting for the final charge on my credit card to see what it will be. Also the drop off were not as helpful or courteous.
4.0 Okay2021 Apr 13
Not muchCar was dirty and no windshield fluid. Traveling from Washington DC to Asheville NC, long distance, was not fun unable to see and pulling off to clean.
2.0 Mediocre2021 Apr 04
Booked through Priceline and after calling budget directly, they said the rental was cancelled/denied. Priceline on the other hand said it was still valid and budget had not cancelled. I think budget gave too good of a price by mistake and cancelled/denied my rental but did not notify Priceline.
2.0 Mediocre2021 Feb 16
I was originally booked with Hertz, but when I got there I was told I would have to wait 45 minutes for my vehicle. The woman at the Budget counter overheard and said that Budget had vehicles available right away and it would only cost $20 more. I cancelled my Hertz reservation and then got a rental from Budget. The car I was given was very dirty and smelled like cigarettes. I requested a different car. It was cleaner, but still had a slight smell. For the new car, the Budget agent did not update my rental information, so when I got to the exit gate, I was told I had to go back to the counter. I was turned away from the exit gate three times because the agent was not paying attention and repeatedly failed to correctly update my rental agreement. I spent an hour dealing with these errors. If I had stayed with Hertz, I would have left sooner and my rental would have cost less.
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6.3 Good (137 reviews)
1 location in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
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Recent reviews
3.9 Mediocre2021 Oct 16
the car smelled like smoke. It was the only car available . Plus the car made terrible noises and felt very unsafe.
1.9 Horrible2021 Sep 22
We waited 2 hours during pickup. Even though the car was scheduled for 9. At dropoff, I was told I can return the car late, and the garage was already closed.
7.9 Good2021 Sep 13
I liked the quick checkout. I did not like the sales pitch on insurance coverage after I declined.
5.9 Okay2021 Sep 10
Esperar 3 horas por una reservación no es para nada bueno
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 19
Your company toke my money. I would never use or recommend your company to anyone.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 17
Despite reservation, no cars. Waited over 1hour, late to meeting w/Feds. Multiple customers w/reservations left after they asked us how long we’d been waiting. Car upholstery covered in white dog hair. I’m allergic to animals - 2 weeks in this rental in 90F - had to put clothes on seats & buy cortisone to stop the rash, Benedryl to control the wheezing. Car rental staff added Sirius instead of gas. I noticed and had them revert to my original online contract. Staff told me I could pay cash for tolls so skipped EZ pass. This wasn’t true. Only 1 toll booth was staffed. So fees forthcoming I’m afraid for no EZ Pass. Return was insane - “Boston Park Plaza” listed as return location on contract is a hotel at the wrong location. Car rental staff told me back out and drive to 4th floor to return where there were no staff, no spots open so after 10 minutes another customer & I left cars. Staff showed up yelling angrily “can’t leave cars!” but would not help us park them. Had staff fix bill when informed Sirius still on it. Made for stressful time to airport.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 16
The price is much higher and they are cheating
5.9 Okay2021 Aug 14
I forgot to give the attendant the key at drop off. Had to have it shipped back to them. Bad on both parts.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 11
There was one agent working the desk. There were 20 people in line. You can see the problem. The $20 saving difference between rental companies is not worth the extra hour of wait time. I felt lucky that I got there when I did and there were only 6 people in front of me. I can't imagine what it felt like to be #20.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 06
They gave us a car with no working headlights (“managers special”!!) and it took 1.5 hours to get the car. Really poor customer service at the desk - the guy wouldn’t even give us an estimate on how long it was gonna take for people to get their cars so everyone’s freaking out that they won’t ever get a car. Really unpleasant experience.
Rated #4
6.2 Good (384 reviews)
1 location in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
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Recent reviews
1.9 Horrible2021 Oct 06
I was told to pick any car on the back line, which I did--the first one I came to. When I checked out, they asked if the gas tank was full. It was not. They noted the deficiency and sent me on my way. In the sunlight, I could see that the car was dirty, and there was a newspaper on the floor. In short, the car was not serviced before it was put on the line to rent. I won't use Dollar again.
1.9 Horrible2021 Sep 24
No cars were available when I arrived at dollar despite having a reservation. I was told there would be a15-30 minute wait. There were 10-12 others also waiting for cars. After 45 minutes I was sent to hertz where I was given a mini van instead of the requested midsize. Service was good but I’ve heard that a lack of cars at National airport is a common problem.
1.9 Horrible2021 Sep 07
I was charged $377.26 extra and I have no clue what that charge is for. Didn’t even receive a receipt for this charge. This $377 is on top of $1097.33 I already paid before the trip started. Definitely not worth $1400. Use another rental company. You will save more.
1.9 Horrible2021 Sep 06
The pick up process for Dollar is fundamentally broken. Most other rental car companies have a way to expedite the pick up process by entering information before you get to the pick up location, but that is not possible with Dollar. Instead you are forced to sit through a process that is way too long per person. In addition, on this particular day there was only one employee working with literally 20 people in line. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they had some employees not show up for work, but two major issues: 1. First and foremost is that since it takes so long per person, I had to wait for an hour and half to get my car. If they were more efficient per person it would have help them get through this situation. 2. Second, I was there for an hour and a half, but the people an hour ahead of me told me they were in line for an hour as well. So, Dollar management couldn't get someone there as backup in the middle of the day with 2 and a half hours? That is unacceptable in my opinion for a major car rental company at a major airport at prime business hours.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 30
Faster Pickup
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 24
Three hour wait for car - that was not cleaned. Poor customer service with representative upselling add-ons without my consent. Terrible.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 18
Today August 18th I got shocked that they have charged my card for an additional USD 35 for a reason I am unaware of??!!
7.9 Good2021 Jul 27
Toll stickers/pass was paid for but not available at the exit checkout. Car was tiny but comfortable.
7.9 Good2021 Jul 25
At pickup, only one agent was covering both Dollar and Thrifty -- it took almost an hour to get our car. By contrast, dropoff was quick and easy. The car was preposterously expensive. I used to rent cars frequently during business travel, and this was more than twice as much as a pre-pandemic rental. Price-gouging because you can: not just Dollar but all the companies.
5.9 Okay2021 Jul 22
Hard to find dropoff location for dollar, no signs. Childseat was not great
Rated #5
6.1 Good (110 reviews)
1 location in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
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  • 6.7
  • 5.8
  • 5.8
  • 6.1
Recent reviews
4.0 Okay2021 Jun 26
While picking up and dropping off was fine, the car stunk of cigarette smoke. That made our very long road trip dismal.Have cars that don't stink of cigarette smoke.
6.0 Good2021 Mar 29
Clean carDifficult to find staff at dc airport - mixed with Avis and others
2.4 Mediocre2020 Oct 08
Absolutely nothing - The entire experience was a nightmare.The car they initially rented to me was broken and required software updates. There were no tenants around to help. I received my second car over an hour later and was unhappy with it due to the car being uncomfortable and full of blind spots (it was different than what I rented as well -- and definitely not any sort of an upgrade or similar to what I rented). The second car they gave me had a bald tire and I experienced a blow out less than 300 feet from the garage door in the driveway leading to/from the rental location. And then they charged me for the blow out.
4.8 Okay2020 Sep 20
Long wait. Excessive and repeated attempts at upselling despite telling them I wasn’t interested
2.8 Mediocre2020 Sep 15
I was able to get a different call after all the warning lights on my first car came on.People working at the airport were not helpful at all; the payless call center foes not exist; no one gave me a copy of my contract after I left the airport to get my car; no one at avis or budget rental could find my contract - I had to drive to a special payless location to find someone who could look up my contract.
4.0 Okay2020 Jul 05
The cancellation policy was unclear when making the booking. It was unclear how to report the dents I located on the car before I drove away. I paid the DAILY rate, picked up the car at noon, and indicated initially I would return at 9PM. When I inquired about returning the car the next morning instead (4th of July in DC, all the access points to highways were closed to it was extremely difficult to get to the airport), they told me I had to pay a $65 extension fee even though I had paid the equivalent of 24 hours.
6.0 Good2020 Jun 19
There wasn’t anyone to receive the car at drop off and they didn’t check in the car.
3.6 Mediocre2020 May 18
Staff was friendly at pickupCar was filthy-nasty inside. No one — and I mean no one — was there when I dropped it off. Had to ride a slooooow shuttle to car, when it was advertised as in terminal.
2.0 Mediocre2020 Mar 20
I was not able to make the trip due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I tried to cancel my reservation several times but no luck. I'm not sure what kind of business you people are running, but I hope my $60 lasts your lifetime. You obviously need some ethics classes in your company.Do the right thing. Period. $60 is a small price to pay for someone's character, or lack of for that matter. Not pleased, will NEVER recommend this company.
4.0 Okay2019 Nov 10
Pick up and drop off was very easy.I purchased the economy upgrade and received a bare bones POS Corolla that had been through a major hail storm and was covered in fairly substantial damage. Everywhere I would drive, police would give me hard looks probably because it looked like I was transporting drugs. Since every other rental company is in the terminal, give this Payless a hard pass. I can't believe they would keep a car like that in the fleet without getting repaired.
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Rated #6
8.7 Excellent (79 reviews)
6 locations in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
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  • 8.7
  • 8.8
  • 8.3
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent2021 Aug 06
Everything was really smooth. They had 4 different cars to choose from at pick up and drop off went very quickly.
4.0 Okay2021 Apr 07
Reserved a mini-van online and called Enterprise support to confirm that mini-van will be available that weekend. They assured that either mini-van or something similar will be available that weekend. Then got a call a day before that they couldn't guarantee the vehicle that I wanted. I ended up getting a small SUV. Very disappointing!This car company doesn't seemed to guarantee a vehicle you reserve online. I went through couple Enterprise rental location and both couldn't provide mini-van or large SUV.
8.0 Excellent2020 Dec 16
It would have been better if the attendant located my reservation with the reservation number as opposed to scanning my drivers license. It would have saves 30 minutes.
9.2 Excellent2020 Oct 13
All was easy!The price was high compared to rental prices I’ve experienced before. It was a big chunk of our weekend expense.
10.0 Excellent2020 Jul 03
Nothing it was outstanding I really appreciate you all
9.2 Excellent2020 Jun 29
Staff friendly. Easy pick up and drop off.Bit of a line up at 9 when it opened so took 30 minutes to get the car.
10.0 Excellent2020 May 11
Staff at Crystal City location very nice and helpful. Car was great, super comfortable, and the price was fantastic.
7.2 Good2020 Feb 12
Wouldn’t take debit card. No mentioned in booking
3.6 Mediocre2019 Sep 01
Staff was niceThey were out of cars when I went to pick one up.
8.8 Excellent2019 Jan 03
Imminent disaster, but worked out great.The gentleman who helped me was quite wonderful. I regret I cannot recall his name.My on-line reservation somehow got botched up, and was listed for one day rather than four. Fortunately the location was able to accommodate me when I arrived. I did not know that the location was going to be closed on the day I returned the vehicle; it would have been nice to have been warned in advance so it wouldn't have been a surprise.
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Rated #7
7 Good (85 reviews)
3 locations in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
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  • 7.4
  • 7
  • 6.8
  • 6.7
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5.9 Okay2021 Oct 13
Car was dirty. Rental rate was not reasonable, but competitive with other companies.
3.9 Mediocre2021 Aug 30
I was rented a car with a air leak in a tire! I had to fill the tire with air each day I had the car How do I get my 10 bucks back for paying for air and aggravation!
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 28
I didn't like anything because I wasn't able to get a rental! I was using a debit card and didn't pass the credit check (which I NEVER had to do with other rental car companies) and my only option was to use a credit card, which I didn't have. I even asked if someone else could rent the car and I be added as an additional driver and was told as an additional driver, I would still be subject to a credit check! Absurd! I WILL NEVER RESERVE WITH AVIS AGAIN!
3.9 Mediocre2021 Aug 24
I had a two hour wait for a car because they ran out of inventory, once they got a car and event went through deep cleaning; you could still see cat hair all over it. That two hour delay had a significant impact on my trip. The pick up/ drop off location was convenient and the car was in good condition, but I was sincerely expecting a better service.
10.0 Excellent2021 Aug 04
We had trouble finding the entrance to the Car rental return at the Baltimore airport because our GPS took us in the bad way. Better signage would have helped.
2.0 Mediocre2021 Jul 05
The lone agent at the dungeon-like rental area of Reagan National did her best but was woefully understaffed. It was difficult to find where our car was after that. We ended up with a car with defective brakes which was terrifying, and had to then deal with the hassle of finding another car and returning for a good one which did happen thankfully from another location. Overall abysmal experience, and only offered $150 refund on a $995 bill.Literally everything. That car should never have been allowed off the lot. Avis is luck (as are we) that they do not have a horrific accident on their conscience.
10.0 Excellent2021 Jun 13
The staff was friendly. The checkout was speedy. I would definitely comeback to this location.This location wasn't the easiest to find.
8.0 Excellent2021 Mar 22
Staff was friendly and whole process was easy.
4.8 Okay2020 Jun 20
They ran out of cars at my pick up location, told me to go to the airport for my car, and then the airport location said they couldn’t honor my reservation so I paid twice as much.Being able to pick up the car where I wanted to pick it up. Being told the truth at the first location.
5.2 Okay2020 Apr 27
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Rated #8
E-Z Rent-A-Car
5.2 Okay (32 reviews)
1 location in Arlington
E-Z Rent-A-Car
Locations in Arlington
  • 5.5
  • 5.7
  • 4.9
  • 4.8
  • 5.2
Recent reviews
2.0 Mediocre2019 Sep 09
notify whether it's cancelable or not
7.6 Good2019 May 12
The car smelled like body odor
7.6 Good2018 Sep 15
A little awkward on the pick upCar was nice and clean. People were niceAwkward meeting point for off airport pickup. Pretty slow process vs some of the name brands
3.2 Mediocre2018 Mar 13
one of the worst car rental experiences I've hadThe car was pretty clean and drove decently. There were no major dents or scratches.Pick up was done with an agent that was a bit less than friendly. The car was in desperate need of an oil change and tune-up. Drop off was even worse! The man that did The Returned was abrupt and barely willing to help me in any way with my luggage or anything else. The woman who was driving the shuttle for me back to the airport insisted that I get out in spite of the cold weather and walk so that she didn't have to be inconvenienced by dropping me off at the normal stop. It was cold, I was hauling three pieces of luggage and it only made my experience that much worse! One of the three gentlemen who were on the shuttle who have been picked up at the stop (and had waited far longer than they had expected) called this service "not so ez" car rental. I now understand why he called it that. I won't rent with this service again.
2.0 Mediocre2018 Feb 21
They closed early and stranded us at the airportOur airplane was slightly delayed but still arrived before midnight which is when E-Z rent-A-car closes. But for whatever reason they decided to close at 11PM, before we even landed, which left us stranded and looking for an available car rental at the airport when all other agencies were closing soon. Fortunately we did find one but ended up spending nearly 7 times as much for the car. I have half a mind to file a complaint with the BBB and get EZ to pay for this since it's their fault we were left in that situation. I will NEVER rent a car with them again.
2.0 Mediocre2018 Feb 16
Nothing, EZ rental seems like a scam did not pick up rentalThey do not properly inform customers and try to add hidden charges.
2.0 Mediocre2018 Feb 14
Missing CarWhen I arrived, no car was available. I had to rent a car from another company at a much higher price due to the last-minute change.
10.0 Excellent2018 Feb 11
Quick and easyThe vehicle was newer and got great fuel mileage. Car was clean and ready to go when we arrived. Staff was great as well including the shuttle driver.
6.0 Good2018 Feb 04
Would pay extra at a competitor next timeWe received a Chevy Cruz and it was very roomy and clean. The price was right but the check-in experience made it an uncomfortable experience. The expectation that I would carry around my personal auto insurance policy is outrageous. I just happened to have an app with my insurance company on my phone showing my name which prevented me from having to pay for the EZ car rental protection plan. I’m a frequent renter of cars and this was a first. Outrageous! We waited over 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up at DCA but ended up taking a ride from the hotel next door or would have missed our appointment that we had to rent the car for. My advice is to pay a little extra and be treated fairly and honestly.
8.8 Excellent2018 Jan 20
I liked the price. There was only 2 other people in line when I went to go pick it up. The process was quick and easy. Drop off was quick.I found orange peels and a fake nail in the seat. Location is a little out of the way, but the price and ease made it worth it.
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Rated #9
9.2 Excellent (10 reviews)
1 location in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
  • 9.6
  • 9
  • 9.2
  • 9.2
  • 9
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent2019 Apr 14
The calculation at the end was wrong. The person at national fixed it on the spot.
10.0 Excellent2018 Dec 25
Very nice carGot a luxury coupe so that was a very pleasant surprise. Fast ride and felt just right for our vacation.When I was first choosing a ride, I was told the car had apple CarPlay, but it in fact did not have that so putting on my navigation was a bit difficult at first but we made it work. I got the 2018 q60 3.0t awd.
10.0 Excellent2017 Nov 06
PerfectThey had my car ready with no delays. Car was perfect
10.0 Excellent2016 Aug 19
Excellent value on short noticeWe were able to find a large.SUV at the last minute for our trip at a great rate that also included insurance.
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Rated #10
5.3 Okay (21 reviews)
2 locations in Arlington
Locations in Arlington
  • 5.5
  • 5.7
  • 5.1
  • 4.9
  • 5
Recent reviews
5.6 Okay2019 Nov 09
The car itself was nice.6 hours before the pick up time, I received a call telling me that the car likely would not be available. We had reserved a mini van so we could drive our son from D.C. to college in Chicago. I expressed extreme concern because it was now too late to change our plans and rent from another company. The agent indicated that he would call back shortly with an update, while he tried to locate a minivan. He did not call back. We contacted him 6 hours later and he had not even tried to locate a minivan. He then agreed (again) to look for a minivan. He called back 2 hours later and indicated that he thought it was likely he could secure a large SUV, but that instead of it being available that evening as we had reserved and requested, it would be available in the morning. Then, when we showed up at the pick up spot the next morning (Key Bridge Marriott), the agent was not there. We called his number, only to find out that the agent and the SUV were at the Crystal City Marriott. We were already delayed overnight in leaving on our trip, but we then had to drive to Crystal City to pick up the SUV. While the SUV was excellent, the experience was horrible. I have rented from Hertz for 30 years, and this was the absolute worst experience I have ever had.
2.0 Mediocre2019 Aug 21
I'm still fuming. At 5 pm the night before my early morning departure on a one way 600-mile road trip, Hertz in Arlington called me to say that they did not have an SUV for me to rent. No car at all, no help finding a replacement and barely an apology. Terrible, terrible service. I am still shocked.Hertz could have made it right. The last-minute rental I was lucky to find from Budget cost almost triple the price, but I had no options. Hertz customer service offered a weak apology and a $50 voucher for my next rental. Very, very poor effort. I expected better from Hertz. Never again!
2.8 Mediocre2019 Aug 07
Absolutely nothing. Had a booking reserved and had to call and talk for 15 minutes on the phone with the employee who told me there was nothing he could do.The employee at the pickup location literally told me on the phone that I should have called ahead to make sure he had a car. He said he didnt have any cars and couldnt do anything. I told him this was unacceptable and was pointed to a helpline, who just left me stranded in DC waiting on a call.
2.0 Mediocre2019 Jun 03
Nothing, everything was terrible, they did not have my mini van. It was the worst experience I've ever had renting a vehicle as I was depending on the minivan to move, I had the loading dock at my apt. scheduled and no vehicle. Hertz never notified me that my vehicle was not there.Everything, could have called me, could have told me a different location to get the minivan. I probably will never rent with Hertz again.
4.4 Okay2019 May 19
No one was at the counter when I arrived and I had to wait for 45 minutes. I was in such a rush at that point that I only checked the outside of the car, but when I got home realized that the interior looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned for months.
8.8 Excellent2019 Apr 26
9.6 Excellent2019 Apr 02
Yes, Mike, the Hertz attendant was very good.Not sure.
2.8 Mediocre2017 Oct 31
Never HertzThe worst first experience.Waited 3 1/2 hrs for a vehicle at hotel after reserving 48 hrs prior on Sent me to airport location that couldn’t help because you have to have a round trip ticket. I live locally. Then the agent at the initial location calls me back saying he had a vehicle. Had to take the shuttle from airport back to the hotel. I wasted a total of 5hrs and still didn’t leave with a vehicle. I walked over to Enterprise and was in and out in 10 mins. By the way, if you are paying with a debit card Hertz runs a credit checks but they do not tell you this. This will ding your credit score. Enterprise takes a deposit for the vehicle and refunds it back.
8.4 Excellent2016 Nov 16
Like that pick up and drop off is easy because you just use the hotel valetBasic car, I've gotten cars with better features and upgrades from other companies
2.0 Mediocre2016 Jul 13
NothingFirst, it was hard to find the location of Herz. I reserved the car for 8 and arrived at 9:15. The lady at the counter said I'm late so I can not rent the car. I called Herz and reserved for 10 a.m.. She wouldn't let me rent the car, saying that they are low on cars, but she gives other people their keys. I asked her to reserve a car for me at the airport. She reserved for me the most expensive car. My initial reservation was $120. She reserved for me for $300+. At the end I rented from enterprise. Enterprise has excellent customer service.
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1 location in Arlington
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Locations in Arlington
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1702 travelers who rented a car in Arlington gave the car agency they used an average rating of 7.2

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Car rental insurance in Arlington

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Theft Protection Waiver

Some Arlington car providers already include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver into the rental price but not all of them. We recommend always be aware of your coverage when renting a car in in Arlington.


Keep in mind that car rental insurances often have a deductible clause, which is the amount you’ll have to pay if something happens during the time of your rental. If you want to avoid unwanted surprises, you should consider adding a no-deductible option to your Arlington car rental.

Top tips for renting a car in Arlington

  • Book your rental car in Arlington at least 2 days before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Compact rental cars in Arlington are around 50% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car in Arlington

  • Based on ratings and reviews from real users on KAYAK, the best car rental companies in Arlington are Alamo (8.7, 662 reviews), Enterprise (8.5, 261 reviews), and Avis (7.2, 64 reviews).

  • The average gas price in Arlington is ₪11.43 per gallon over the past 30 days. Filling up a gas tank costs between ₪137 and ₪183, depending on the car size.

  • Compact (Hyundai Accent or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type in Arlington.

  • The only car rental company onsite at Dulles Intl airport is Hertz.

  • The only car rental company onsite at Reagan-National airport is Hertz.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from Dulles Intl airport to off-airport locations include Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, Avis, Budget, and National.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from Reagan-National airport to off-airport locations include Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, Avis, Budget, and National.

  • Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

  • A Compact car rental in Arlington costs ₪100 per day, on average.

  • A Intermediate car rental in Arlington costs ₪116 per day, on average.

  • A Economy car rental in Arlington costs ₪117 per day, on average.