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Baggage claim takes ages

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Baggage claim takes ages

We tried to eat something and there were sold out. It is a long flight in dinner time and we could not eat (while in their advertisement they claim to have many things). A shame.

Pros: "Despite leaving 40 mins late, we arrived only 20 mins late."
Cons: "We left 40 mins late because 7 passengers were late to board."
Cons: "Everything. The initial flights was significantly delayed without anyone updating the passengers at the gate. The crew was rude when asked questions about connecting flights. And they lost our baggage."
Pros: "The woman who checked me in was slow and rude"
Cons: "Find new ticketing agents. Also there were screaming kids everywhere. Running up and down the aisles. It would have been nice if the airline employees could have gotten their parents to control their children"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no room for bags overhead and shocking disembarkation."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No early check in. The longest line at check in that I ever seen. Terrible seats"
Pros: "Dirty cabins and incredibly uncomfortable seats. Highly unprofessional staff and crew."
Pros: "loved the atitude of the crew, the plan is relatively new but 4not enough place even to move"
Pros: "The food"
Cons: "Lost my bag"
Pros: "Everything was fast."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "It was short flight so not much to share, crew was ok"
Cons: "It was delayed over an hour"
Cons: "Had to pay for just a basic cup of juice. No snack provided."
Pros: "Missed connection in Prague because of delay and it took an hour and a half to get anyone to help us."
Cons: "30 min late no a/c"
Cons: "no legs room delay at bording delay to get to Praha"
Cons: "Flight was late ~ 1h"
Pros: "Nice crew and new airplane"
Cons: "Three hours delay, and no explanation given at all."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible seats. You are allowed to check 1 bag. They don’t tell you not more than 20kg. Mine was 22 and they make me pay €12 for overweight."
Cons: "Boarding (3 different flights together) took almost 2 hours. I could not do early check in on line due to website either not recoginzing my details on the way to Prague or not coming up (404) on my way back. thank you for asking"
Pros: "On time, good service"
Cons: "Delay with no apology and with poor information at the airport. The new airplane, but a dirty window."
Pros: "Daily flight"
Cons: "No service at all, feels like low cost"
Pros: "The crew were nice and helpful. The plain was new."
Cons: "I know it's a low cost. I know it shouldn't be so comfterable, but there is not even enough space for your legs.."
Pros: "didnt like it"
Cons: "That they nevr mention that there was no bag included until I got to the air port and I have to pay extra to check in my bag."
Pros: "That we finally arrived"
Cons: "The airplane is old. The sits are narrow (the most narrow sits I ever experienced on a plane)."
Cons: "I never knew you can make the sit rows so close to each other :)"
Pros: "Nothingh"
Cons: "I didn't like the flight at all The plain is very small we are big people and they put us in the row that we can't recline our seats we where very uncomfortable all the way we couldn't move That plain was an old one and didn't have any appliances ."
Cons: "The crew were not nice... talked to us in a Horrible way. There weren't any blankets"
Cons: "Leg room is very small, unusual for 737. Highly not comfortable"
Pros: "The flight was quiet and peaceful."
Cons: "There was no room for my legs ( a 1.78 cm tall guy), and if you are taller than that you will not be able to sit comfortably at all!"
Pros: "Short flight and nice crew, boarding was organized and easy"
Cons: "Late departure, old plane, tight seats, no online check in"
Cons: "late"
Pros: "Crew was polite and kind."
Cons: "Delay of flight by 1hr. No entertainment. No free food and food purchased also not good."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They checked us into the wrong gate. We then had to walk upast and down stairs and across the tarmac to get on the plane. My husband have low blood pressure problems and problems with stairs. There was no consideration."
Pros: "Price point was good, staff was friendly and helpful. Overall the people working here are excellent, but they're clearly fighting an uphill battle against the company's systems/tech"
Cons: "*The online check in didn't work, so I wasn't sure if I actually had a flight until I got to the airport. *Upon arriving at the airport, the flight number had changed, which added to confusion. *Upon boarding aircraft, I realized I was assigned row 32... in a 25 row plane. I guess I was the first to realize this, as when I pointed it out to a flight attendant, she conferred briefly with a coworker and then they declared it was open seating. *The beverage service took so long that they never got to my row."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delay, lost my connection, they lost my luggage"
Pros: "Because of a delay in the first flight, we thought that we will miss our connection, but a Smart Wings agent was waiting for us, took us to a quick exit from the plane, gave us the boarding cards, and drove us to get on time to the next plane. We were stunned! we never got such good treatment"
Cons: "It is very confusing that you can nto do the check in before the flight or to do it through different company and with code number wich you even do not have! and anyway it did not work! so thepassenger doesn't know about his terminal or check in before the flight! another thing - last call they did exactly in the same time of opening the gate - there is no reason for making your passengers nervous and pissed before the flght some of the flight crew weren't too polite... there is no place for passenger on his seat if passenger in front of him puts his seat down. I am flying pretty often. I also had few flights with smart wings and I never experienced this uncomfortable flight."
Cons: "Space"
Cons: "The Flight late 3 shouts. There is no food. The sits were so close."
Cons: "Flight was delayed. There was no communication of the fact it was delayed or for how long. Once boarding was completed, 1 hour late, we sat in the plane for a further 30 minutes without any communication of the cause of the delay or when we were going to leave. In fact, when the flight actually pulled back from the gate, several people were standing, or in the rest room, having given up on the flight actually departing. Once on the plane, the cabin service was so slow that they were only to serve the first 20 rows before they had to pack up because the plane was about to land. An airline to avoid ..."
Cons: "Spent your and a half in line for check in. Put us in the last sit, was verry verry crowded. No food or drinks. No entertainment."
Cons: "The air craft was extemlly uncomfortable (in my way to Praha). In both ways we recieved nothing, even not a glass of water. Aircraft takeoff was in both sides with a delay."
Pros: "The staff was polite."
Cons: "The delay in boarding. The unexplained delay in takeoff. They do not share information with passengers at all!!! Very low quality cold cheese sandwich. Only cheese sandwich to choose from despite the menu. Room temperature Cola zero. Unable to do webchekin? why? This company flies so much..why there is no online check in????! why? The leg room is extremely poor. Everything squeezed. The last seats near at the end of te aircraft are 90 degrees straight!! more than 90...they actually lean forward a bit...I sat there! is hould know impossilbe! I'm sorry...i have to put this company to my black list..."
Pros: "The plane was clean and crew was polite."
Cons: "My flight ( Prague to London) was delayed for 1 hour. My previous flight ( London to Prague) was delayed for 40 min. I was speaking with other passengers, almost everybody was reffering to the numerous delays by SmartWings ( for 40 min to 7 hours). No warning or information about this delay was given in advance. We were waiting in the gates for 1.30 hours, instead of sitting in the lounge."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The boarding to the plane was 40 minuets late, the plane was crowded and small, there was no food and no entertainment what so ever."
Cons: "It took me 17 hours to get from Israel to Warsaw!!!"
Cons: "They forgot our luggage, what the heck!"
Cons: "No entertainment at all, no outlets, and all of the food was for purchase. There was no indication whatsoever that we would need to purchase food onboard (most airlines provide free drinks), and the worst part was that there was no free potable water. And, the crew were not at all nice about it. Honestly, I'd like back the 2 euros I had to spend on getting a bottle of water!"

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