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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Szczecin? 25% of our users found tickets to Szczecin for the following prices or less: From Tel Aviv ₪609 one-way - ₪901 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly from Israel is January.
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Flight delayed 3h 21min no info till last man from Ryanair no of gerės for meals only email to sau sorry

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Flight delayed 3h 21min no info till last man from Ryanair no of gerės for meals only email to sau sorry

Flight boarded very late and then flight took off over 2hrs late. No food and drinks provided at airport despite law. Then before landing in Berlin, crew announced that the flight was so delayed that the airport was closed for landings and flight was diverted to Hanover. Flight crew stated over the PA that buses would be waiting at airport to take passengers to Berlin. In fact, no buses or help was provided and passengers were left looking for their own way to Berlin at 1am, when there were very few options Bad bad bad conduct

Quick on time efficient

Price for value is good!

We didn’t buy anything to eat and there was no entertainment on a short flight. We planned for this and brought a book. Everything was fine. As expected.

Boarding started ahead of time. But then we were waiting on the tarmac without knowing why there was a 40min delay. Would have been nice to have a bit more information regarding duration and reason of the delay.

Cons: "Be honest"
Pros: "Praiorty"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I was traveling with a handicap, the staff was very polite, patient and helpful"
Pros: "The crew was very nice but somewhat disinterested. Perhaps because their average age was 14?"
Cons: "The whole luggage thing is a nightmare! Ive never gotten SO many pre-flight messages! I kept paying MORE Euros, for an already overpriced flight.....and never was really sure what I was paying for??? And STILL had to smash one piece of luggage into the other??? I think ill do easy jet next time!"
Cons: "crew where talking very loud so could hear then along the back 5 rows clearly. could not sleep due to it. they where bad mouthing passengers in general..."
Pros: "Getting here safe"
Cons: "Waiting to broad"
Pros: "The crew on the plain were great"
Cons: "The flight was delied and no one let us know The ground crew wasnt nice at all, even a bit meen..."
Cons: "There was a delay of 2 hours when the boarding du"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Give free water"
Pros: "Friendly crew. Good leg room."
Cons: "Magazine racks on back of seats would have been good."
Cons: "I fly Ryan Air often. Overall good experience. But Pisa airport could do a better job witch signage for priority boarding and regular boarding. This is the second time I’ve experienced confusion along with other passengers when it’s time to board. C"
Pros: "Easy trip. Crew relaxed, short flight."
Cons: "The process of getting on the flight is the most exhausting part: distance to Terminal 1, multiple screenings and checks, then another long bus ride to the plane. The flight itself was is the easiest part at this airport."
Pros: "Flight in the morning was changed by 3 hours making it impossible for me to get to the flight (Oslo Torp). Ryanair allowed me onto another flight (Yay EU 261) from the other Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) with a seat booked at no added cost. Customer service rep was fast and made the process very simple!"
Pros: "The frew was nice"
Cons: "When I made the reservation, I paid 20 Euro for 1 suitcase (20 kg.), but was surprised to realize that the payment was not valid for the whole trip (but only for one flight). I had to pay 40 Euro for the flight back. It could be helpful if you'd clarify this as part of the reservation process."
Pros: "Flight took off on time"
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Thete is nothing really good in low cost flight, so if you are not expecting you will not be disappointed. Recommend purchase the priority package in advance and allowed to bring two items on board."
Pros: "Helpful staff especially with disabled access."
Cons: "Not seated together with my wife despite booking months ago. Very cramped conditions on a very full flight meant it was uncomfortable Bought our own food onboard as realised everything was charged for. Even water."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Poor check in Service ... bullying. Paid 40 Euro each for 3 extra bags .... website extremely unclear. Plane had to return after taxiing to let ‘unwell passenger ‘ off. No other ongoing explanation... took an hour to get him off ! Felt quite unsafe ! Had to ask if they retrieved his bag ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Their staff not helpful on desk Asked them the question how to get boarding code pass barely answered"
Cons: "Huge delay as usual"
Cons: "I had to book my own flight"
Cons: "2 hours delay"
Cons: "Tutto in ritardo anche afumicino abblamo aspetato oiu di 2ore per le partenza in ritardo,e poi abbuamo viaggiato piu di 4ore"
Pros: "No good things to say about this flight or booking."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for more than 4 hours with no prior warning and staff would not explain why. Even tried to charge me 60€ each for not booking in 2 hours early when they knew the flight was delayed. By far the worst flight I have ever taken."
Pros: "Short flight Flight itself is cheap Plane ok"
Cons: "Could not seat with my partner - it looks as if it is done on purpose so that people will pay Also - the price for the suitcase is outrages and much too expensive"
Pros: "No much good about this flight. Just the price."
Cons: "Cramped seats, lousy service, no drinks, couldn’t understand flight attendant. Illiterate English. In short. Be prepared for a lousy trip but you get what you pay for."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, very uncomfortable seat, excessive waiting time even after landing, cabin crew weren’t welcoming"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Flight delay, everything costs money, even a glass of water. I never will fly with them"
Pros: "The price of the ticket"
Cons: "Nothing!! No place for the legs, minimum !!!! No option to move the seat back !! All the flight the light was On"
Pros: "price and schedule were very fine on time pleasant staff"
Cons: "they changed their onboard bag policy was changed several times between our purchase of tickets and flight date , poor policy and customer relations"
Pros: "The crew . Very sweet cabin crew ,new 737 ,with lots of “snazzy lights"
Cons: "Cramped space despite the new “improved”leg room due to te slimmer seats"
Cons: "1. I brought a trolley according to the specifications in the web page and the message sent to me. They claim it was too big, even though it did fit into the box they use to measure the luggage, saying that it fitted too tight, and insisted on my paying an extra 50 euro. 2. They purposely split family members in the hope that people will pay extra to sit together. We did it on the first leg, but then managed to switch seats without extra cost in the second leg. It just required several people switching around."
Pros: "best food and drinks best clubs"
Cons: "noithing"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The joke has always been Ryanair sucks and I should avoid at all cost flying with this airline. I dismissed the feedback I received and I decided to book a weekend trip to London from Frankfurt. I should have listed and known better. To start, I did not receive a boarding pass after checking in. I was advised to go to the Ryanair clerk upon arriving at the airport. I explained to the clerk the situation; told her I did not have a boarding pass to print and was advised to see her. There were no issues and she printed my boarding pass without any fee. On the way back to Frankfurt, this is where things go from bad to worse. On our way to the airport in London, we get notice the flight has been cancelled. We didn't know what to do so I went on chat with a Ryanair rep and was told the flight would depart and there were no issues getting to Frankfurt International. I wasn't convinced, but I had no option. When I arrived at the airport in London I did exactly what I did in Frankfurt. I checked in with the clerk and explained to her the exact same thing I explained to the clerk in Frankfurt. The clerk started to yell at me. Tell me I couldn't be getting on the flight since I didn't have a boarding pass. She continued to yell at me after many attempts trying to explain to her the facts. The brushed me off to customer service and said she couldn't help me. Awful customer service!! As I walked away from the counter she yelled at me, "What do you expect this is Ryanair. It's an awful airline!". After standing at the customer service line for another 30 minutes. I tried to explain to the clerk at the customer service counter my situation and she did not want to reason. She demand I pay 15 GBP if I wanted to get on my flight. I didn't have an option, and I didn't agree with this decision. I paid the 15 GBP. After checking in at security and getting to our gate we quickly learned the flight would be rerouted to Frankfurt Hahn and then we would be bussed to Frankfurt International. After over an hour commute to Frankfurt International, we did not get home until 02:00h!! This is completely unacceptable and I will NEVER - NEVER fly Ryanair. Ryanair is the WORSE airlines!!!"
Pros: "Low price"
Cons: "delay of 1:30."
Pros: "on time"
Cons: "Flying shop"
Pros: "The crew traveling out of Rome was pleasant is the only thing positive I can say."
Cons: "-we paid extra for priority boarding and did go through the line first to board the shuttle to the plane but then they had everyone else from the overbooked plane crowded like sardines into the same shuttle. It was a waste of money. -traveling to Rome on Ryanair we took samsonite carry on luggage onto the plane with no problems. Leaving Rome we were told to recheck our luggage size. The wheels stick out a little and they made us pay 100 Euros to check our bags. Once on the plane we saw many passengers with luggage and bags much larger than our own and did not have to pay to have them checked. We were the only Americans on the plane. -The seats do not recline and are at a 90 degree angle which is very uncomfortable for a 3 hour flight. -the crew traveling to Rome was very rude. -the seats were dirty with food and crumbs before I sat down and there was trash and food on the floor. It is as if the plane is not cleaned routinely."
Pros: "Ryanair was a great surprise. I am 1.79 in height the seats were not cramped, yes they do"
Pros: "Fast accurate on time and proffesional"
Cons: "Having to pay extra for everything!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Late , expensive, loud, no leg room seat do not tilt !"
Pros: "departure time"
Cons: "no water to drink"
Pros: "The ticket was cheap and to an airport that had easy access to public transportation."
Cons: "I found out later that I had to print out my ticket or face a 50 euro fee and they do not give free water on the flight."
Cons: "Felt like it was a scam as I thought I was checked in with the printed out paperwork that said in big font that my checkin was completed. Then heard a fellow traveler on the plane that that's what you do. Then we heard a singer in the local pub sing about it which made me think I was not the only one. Bob Corbett"

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