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FAQs - booking Jamaica flights

  • How long is the flight to Jamaica?

    An average nonstop flight from Israel to Jamaica takes 29h 06m, covering a distance of 17523 km. The most popular route is Tel Aviv - Kingston with an average flight time of 27h 53m.

  • What is the cheapest flight to Jamaica?

    The cheapest ticket to Jamaica from Israel found in the last 72 hours was ₪3,509. The most popular route is from Tel Aviv to Kingston and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was ₪3,509.

  • What are the most popular destinations in Jamaica?

    The next most popular destination is Montego Bay (45%).

  • How does KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy?

    KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

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Top airlines flying to Jamaica

Need help choosing which airline to fly with from Israel to Jamaica? KAYAK airline reviews give an overall score for each airline based on loads of factors, including comfort, boarding, in-flight entertainment and more, to make your decision easier. See airline scores according to KAYAK reviews.
DeltaOverall score based on 11818 reviews
Airline reviews

The flight was canceled after 2 hours been on board! Very bad or nonorganization. What a disaster!

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The flight was canceled after 2 hours been on board! Very bad or nonorganization. What a disaster!

Honestly, I didn’t expect that I will experience this long time wait during the check in. There was only one person who was taking care of the passengers for the economy class and it took us to wait about one hour to do our check i. As a result we barely get to the airplane as the gate was at the end of the airport. That is totally not professional where one crue is working at the registration desk with economy and 3-4 crues are helping for the business class.

I liked the cleanness in the bathroom and good crew on board and at boarding gates. There was no Hindi (Bollywood) movies. The entertainment can be improved as it is one of the worst one I saw when I compared it with other airlines. The Mumbai to Amsterdam flight did not have any food for my family which does not contain eggs in it though we have selected “Hindu Asian vegetarian meal”

Crew was wonderful, very professional and pleasant. On time performance. Excellent flights,smooth. Thank you!

Bad crew with full of attitude, bad plane. Pls get some new planes. No food, no drinks nothing

I was traveling with my 85 years old grandma and 60 years old mother. Which I requested to get a wheelchair. I went to the Delta Kiosk and asked for a wheelchair.  They brought a wheelchair and 2 minutes (without exaggerating, time is important for me as I am well disciplined with a military background) later they said that the wheelchair belongs to American Airlines, so we need to switch it.  We were like where is the other one so my grandma can use it? They are like, "it's on its way, she has to wait for the other one" I asked them why does she have to wait? Is it ok for her to sit on this one when the other one arrives. Answer was "NO". I guess lack of common sense was the issue. I started to explain to the agent that she can not stand still or wait. Finally, someone said that in spanish "she can not stand, let's wait for the other one" . Delta's wheelchair came, without an attendant or helper. They brought that wheelchair and left it in the middle of the airport. Nobody seemed to care. I had to push her to the gate. Then they finally realized that "wait a minute, there is something wrong with that". So they send someone, who later started harassing us, to tell us how he works for cash tips. Then a "Private Security Interviewer" approached us. I think his name was Carlos (His descriptions - tall for an average worker, ginger curly hair, wears glasses, overweight). He did not represent himself. All he did was show his badge for two seconds and when (later on) I asked him what his name was, he said "I already told you at the beginning". At that point we were waiting to be called at the Delta Kiosk (this is prior to the Customs first check in point). So, Delta Airlines hired "Private security interviewers" to make sure that nobody brings anything illegally to the US. Which is great, makes me feel safe and secure. But, it does not serve the purpose. Let me explain to you why. These interviewers do not know what they are doing or saying and you can clearly see that. They think that they are CBP or Immigration officers. They will get angry If you ask them any questions. Then they will put all these stickers on the back of your passport like they caught "Pablo Escobar". At one point I was sarcastic and told the interviewer that "I like those stickers, It's my hobby and I am collecting them. Can I have more of those?"  and interviewers eyes and brain goes like "error 404". He did not know how to react or respond to that. Then he flags my itinerary on his iPad. Trying to give me a hard time since I asked him about his name, so I can call him by his name. But of course that did not change the fact that his lack of english made everything even harder. After 45 mins of wait and clearing the "Private Security Interviewer" you would think that we are going to be all set to depart. I was wrong. We waited in line to go through the security line, just like other citizens. No wheelchair, disability, seniority etc were important for her. They treat us like she is in her twenties.  On several occasions they forced her to stand up. She was like "I swear to God that I can not walk, my son I wish I could walk, but I can not". They did not seem like they cared. Then finally they realized that she is legit disabled. They let her pass on a wheelchair. At the gate, Carlos showed up to make sure that I am going through the secondary check. They pulled me to the secondary check. And started asking me about my luggage. My response was "I only have one carry-on bag, to make everyone's (including my life) life easier". They asked the same question over again "Sir, do you just have only one bag?" I replied saying "Yes". She did not believe me and said "Just only one". So, I thought she did not believe me and I said "Yes, Si, Si, solo uno". She looked at me and then turned to the agent (Carlos) and stared at him like "did you not ask him about his bags, did you not know that he only had one carry on?". I am sorry to say that but they just looked like a bunch of idiots who do not know what they are doing. Finally they released me after a minute of secondary check. Meanwhile everyone is boarding and my grandma is waiting on her wheelchair. Then we approached the gate agent and I asked her if I could sit next to my family, if they had any seats available. She replied that "I can not change any seat at the gate, I do not have any authority". I replied "I understood". We got on the plane last and I asked our flight attendant if I could change my seat to be next to my family. FYI, their seats were 10 B and C, mine was the 35 D. Meanwhile there were empty seats on 10 D and F. Even flight attendants surprisingly said that "why did she put you all the way back, while we had 1/2 full flight. I will go and ask her". Our flight attendant was great and he made sure that I am next to my family. He went above and beyond and he gave the closest seat to the. Flight was good. Delta Airlines failed to bring the wheelchair when we arrived. Excuse was "Gate changed, that is why". I walked outside and grabbed an empty wheelchair. I put my grandma and brought her to the Customs. Then a Delta Airline worker approaches me and says that you can not move this wheelchair, it belongs to the gate. We will bring you a new one. A CBP officer heard our conversation and jumped in and said, "wait a minute you want her (pointed my grandma) to wait here while you bring her wheelchair?". He (delta worker) responded "yes sir". But when he talks to me, no sir, nothing. The CBP officer goes "Nope, she is not waiting here and I will make sure to pull her wheelchair". If that officer was not there we probably would have had to wait and be forced to change the wheelchair. The CBP officer, again the CBP officer, not the Delta employee, pushed our wheelchairs to the gate. Sincerely,

I appreciated being upgraded. I was very disappointed with my 13 hr layover in Seattle to geg, while my friends who flew Alaska made it home as scheduled. I had to reserve a hotel on my dime.

Boarding started almost 20 minutes late with no explanation. Then the take off was delayed by 15 minutes with no update or explanation from the captain which was very stressful because I had a connecting flight with a very short layover. The The flight tracker on the screen at my seat was for a different flight and the QR code for the menu did not work. I asked for Sun Chips which were shown as harvest cheddar flavor on the website but the ones they gave me were salsa and I'm allergic to tomatoes and I couldn't eat them. The flight to Tulsa was okay but there was no Wi-Fi or entertainment on board which would have been nice to know

Flight was delayed nearly one hour. Just because of Deltas poor management. Was so late reached home after midnight .

Not much food service - comfort + seat wasn’t that comfortable

The Wi-Fi is more expensive on AA that other airlines and it doesn't cover the whole flight; it's by the hour. So, the Wi-Fi for the flight from Spokane to Phoenix is $45. They also charge for checked luggage, unlike airlines like Southwest. The only plus side was that there are power outlets on the flight, and you get a full can of soda, instead of a partial, like most other airlines.

Overall, from checking in bags to getting on plane, not enough employees to be able to get all on the plane, therefore I was not able to get on the plane, due to no one wea there for me to check in my bag, so I decided to go thru the security point and by the time they were done with my bags, I was told that my bag cannot be checked in, and then found out that the lady that does the check in was boarding the customers onto the plane, she said that she was going back and fourth, there for was not able to get on the plane, which changed all my flights by the time I got to Dallas, I was on standby 3 times, and wasn't sure about being able to get on the fourth plane, so ended up buying another plane ticket, so I could make my destination on time.

Flight was 2 1/2 hours late and information at the gate was inaccurate and inconsistent with online data.

Crowed but safe flight and arrived at my destination on time

all good still 18 min late taking off. Wish AA could get with the program and be one time for once.

Delayed flight impacted my meeting with International clients. Very disappointing experience!

There was no entertainment (the wifi was not working) and no food service - just cookies or pretzels. When we arrived in Boston the bridge to our plane was not working and it took some time to be able to deplane. When we got to Boston our bags were not there and the person who put in our claim for lost baggage said we would have our bags delivered in 24 hours and 72 hours later we still do not have them and no one from AA has contacted us with an update!

The entertainment box wasn’t working. The food was mediocre. The fruit was warm. The tiny salad was good. The champagne wasn’t cold. I really expected more from First Class.

Everything went perfectly. Check-in, bag drop, etc. The flight and crew were excellent.

Cons: "Too much to write down. Start at the counter and work yourself to the plane. I hope you get it right eventually, I’ll be flying Southwest"

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