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2+ stops from ₪4,495
1 stop from ₪4,910

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Flight from Tel Aviv to Quito

FAQs - booking Ecuador flights

  • How long is the flight to Ecuador?

    An average nonstop flight from Israel to Ecuador takes 23h 00m, covering a distance of 19817 km. The most popular route is Tel Aviv - Quito with an average flight time of 21h 20m.

  • What is the cheapest flight to Ecuador?

    The cheapest ticket to Ecuador from Israel found in the last 72 hours was ₪3,066. The most popular route is from Tel Aviv to Quito and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was ₪3,066.

  • What are the most popular destinations in Ecuador?

    The next most popular destination is Guayaquil (11%).

  • How does KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy?

    KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

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Top tips for finding cheap flights to Ecuador

  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be October, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from Israel is February.
  • Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Ecuador flight deals.

Top 4 airlines flying to Ecuador

Need help choosing which airline to fly with from Israel to Ecuador? KAYAK airline reviews give an overall score for each airline based on loads of factors, including comfort, boarding, in-flight entertainment and more, to make your decision easier. See airline scores according to KAYAK reviews.
KLMOverall score based on 1778 reviews
Airline reviews

Seats are fair enough for medium tall people. Good food all the trip. Fight attendances are warm

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Seats are fair enough for medium tall people. Good food all the trip. Fight attendances are warm

The food was ok. The crew seemed like they were cranky. I had one guy get mad at me for passing in between the storage area to get to the other toilet. I can understand if it's not allowed but reprimanding me like I'm a student saying "This is the last time!" was not appropriate. During my meal time, there was a French family around me. No problems there but when we usually have meals, they are supposed to put their chair in the upright position. These people did not do it and the steward did not tell them to raise their seat in the upright position. However, I was told to do so! So, me and another person next to me had to eat with the monitor almost touching our faces. Furthermore, a lady in front of me was putting her feet up and preventing another elder passenger from putting her seat back. To make it worse, she was continuously hitting her back into her seat, shaking my monitor while I was watching a movie. A crew member did speak to her about it but then she accused me of pushing her seat forward! The crew member gave me a death stare and told me to stop pushing the seat forward. I did not even touch her seat at all, if I did, she would know it. Her boyfriend also stood up and tried to push her seat even further past the maximum decline to no avail. None of these people were reprimanded but the steward, some bald guy, was extremely friendly with them and did not even try to instruct them to do anything until it was time to land. I resisted the urge to really argue with them because I would have obviously been seen as the aggressor (I have no idea why). I hardly said anything on this flight except "more wine please" and "sorry" if I bumped into someone accidentally. Overall, it was an annoying flight and I had to resist the urge to yell at the steward and the people he was overly friendly with. The happiest moment of this flight was leaving it.

Overall a good experience. We were disappointed when we had to check our carry on due to the plane being full. KLM hadn’t notified us and we had valuable items in the carry on but they still made us check it. Some of the food was great and some was mediocre. Crew is really kind and funny.

One of the vstewardeses wanted to bump me of the plane for absolutely nothing. There is CCTV in the plane ans everything can be verified. Very disappointing , you all will see, o other 5 years and the passangers who does not smile to flight attendent will be bumped off...

It was nice to be on a legacy airline, people try at least.

The flight itself it was great nice food the crew were very nice and helpful, Checking in from Birmingham wasn't great long queues for bag dropped, And I had my hand luggage case taken away from me even though I requested to have it with me as I had breakables items. I was told I can not because of the length of the flight with no explanation at all no options was given for me to take my fragile items out of my case it was taken away with hold buggage I find the staff member who was checking me in very unpleasant !! Can we please be advise if the rules have changed about the the carry on hand luggage it will be easier to be advise on booking your tickect if we not allowed to take the hand luggage with me. Overall I had a good flight .

The plane was clean and the staff was friendly. Food and drinks as expected on international flights. The entertainment system was old style, with a pullout controller, and selections not as extensive as on other flights.

One of their staff was so rude with discriminative. Such a reputed airline shouldn't hire such kind of arrogant attendants.

one of my bags was drenched with fish smelling water and all my new clothes bought at dublin and the 23kg checked in bag were all gone waste with very pungent fish smell and also having stains

Boarding in NCL is really bad. I'm sure part of that is a directive from the airport that KLM can't change but part of that is due to KLM policy. NCL doesn't announce the gate of departure until 30 minutes before departure. However, when you arrive at the gate area, the gate agents file everyone into one long line and everyone boards from one line at one time. This line can stretch for 200m...easily. There is a separate line for groups 1 and 2 but you don't know it until you get to the gate area and agents don't announce/advertise it. Everyone else is grouped into one line. Are you in group 3? Doesn't board with group 5. Traveling with a child? Tough're stuck at the end of the line and board last. The last part is very annoying because none of the gates at NCL (with the exception of 1 used by Emirates) has a jetway. To board, you must leave the gate area, walk downstairs, walk onto the tarmac and walk up stairs to board the plane. Highly challenging if you're traveling with small children. That boarding process begs for a concession to allow people with children to board first because they will need extra time. But there is no such policy. Just a really horrible boarding experience all around.

After my luggage was grabbed by another passenger, by accident, I chose to speak with the American Airlines staff within the airport. Not only was the customer support staff uninformed but also very argumentative, making this situation harder to deal with. I was only able to finally retrieve my luggage thanks to the passenger who took it contacting me due to the tags on the luggage. All of this was happening during another 2 hour delay and 3 gate changes. Horrible airline with disgusting, on the ground, customer support staff.

Flight a little late. Entertainment system didn’t work for first hour. Toilets dirty after 2 hours. Is there no one assigned to clean them?

The experience with American Airlines was terrible from beginning to end. Flight 1210 from Cancun to Charlotte was delayed three times. AA customer service at the CUN airport could not provide information on why or how to accommodate me if I missed my connecting flight at CLT due to the delays. Upon arrival to CLT, de-boarding the plane was a horrible experience. You all should have allowed passengers with departing connecting flights within the hour, to get off the plane first! It caused so many passengers to lose valuable time waiting to get off the plane, and then the long lines in customs! American Airlines knew passengers had to make connecting flights and still chose not to hold the plane? I missed Flight 2758 from CLT to DCA for that reason. Waiting three more hours for the next - Flight 1269 from CLT to DCA. Once again another delay at the last possible minute before boarding due to the plane going out of service/maintenance. Once the new plane boarded, we sat on the tarmac for 40min. I did not arrive to DCA until 12:33am. I spent over 12hours at the airport and I plan to never fly American Airlines again.

My overall experience was wonderful. American airlines looked after me very well in all my flights. I'm especially thankful with the way they dealt with my connection Phoenix - Honolulu, in which I had less than 20 mins to board, and the staff were able to get me in, as well as my luggage. A big thanks to them!

I guess the weather in the UK , but no one has any control over that , was missing a blanket for my knee on the plane though..

American always delays flight so it stressful getting the next connection

I know that there is nothing than can be done about rude customers. I did find a couple of them were very rude and inconsiderate In my case the guy who was sitting in the same row as I was in, was trying to watch a movie with no headphones, a crew member did ask him to turn it down or off (thumbs up for that.) Another thing, as we were about to land another young man must have taken his phone off airplane mode was talking with his friends and using fowl language which I found inappropriate to the ppl who were sitting in the same row as him and other ppl around him. I understand how no one wanted to address this person and not get involved. We all just wanted to get home safely with out any incident.

I disliked that I didn’t have a flight today, not entirely sure why I’m being asked

Their delay caused me to miss my connection with a twelve hour overnight delay that was terrifying

Flight was delayed after boarding and no idea when it would take off. Crew in Portland did arrange for transport to Boston for a different set of flights to my destination.

Why no entertainment? Also water should be free, it is basic human right.

I needed assistance and the staff at the airport and crew were very helpful and polite

My flight with I berira was okay byt the lost my bags I still dont have them also the transit flight was so no comfortable so I dont think will go with them throught and transit flight again

They made my flight a disaster they had me pay for bags that I already paid for through Iberia airlines and the hostesses were super mean and racist they just turned my vacation to a total nightmare and disappointment in fact they even had me rethink even no to go to morroco ever again even if my whole stay at the country was so nice and fun and perfect but anything at the airport and with the airline was a disaster do not recommend will never take a flight with them

No WiFi was available the entire flight, and the screens where media entertainment were disconnected.

2 h delay, poor service, only one bathroom for business class. Not worth the price of the ticket

The flight was fine the service was good. The plane could be cleaner

The crew was relatively rude. One of the hostesses was pretty much throwing things at people. The seats really were not comfortable at all and first of all I had paid to have a seat 23H and then when the boarding pass came through they were trying to sent me and seat 55. And I had a very hard time getting this changed to 23H where I was supposed to sit I had to rummage through my things to find my paper receipt 😞

They did not explain at a right time for the almost 1.5 hour’s delay after landing. And I think food should be served to every passenger for 9 hours flight, not optional.

Shame on this company More than 5 hours delay and what a mess Business class with zero service - no pillows, no blankets, no drinks Economy class with no reserved seats- people were mad

Boarding, crew and flight were very smooth and efficient. It was a bit difficult to understand the announcements on board, but it is a minor thing. What was quite bad was the very long time it took to retrieve the luggage at the Frankfurt airport.

Impossible to check in via the App. Kept on getting emails offering upgrade. When followed through not available. Wasn't any food anyway.

Onboarding process and crew was excellent and efficient, Information display was great. Keep on the good work and same standard. Nothing to change.

Totally unprofessional crew, lack of empathy and disrespectful responses. Flight got delayed for Mechanical issue for 3 hours got on the runway then back, then disembarked and just waiting with no one explaining anything and missed my connecting due to that.. the crew total lack of professionalism is totally unseen anywhere.

Seats on the plane were too uncomfortable for a 9 hour trip, especially when the flight was completely full. Crew treated passengers as if we were cattle. Desperate rush to get food served so they could enjoy First class food at the back of the plane... I went twice to the back of the plane (no one answered the flight attendant button) to ask for coffee and was met with a very abrupt response... 'YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT'. The only thing staff could think of saying to me was 'la mascarilla senior!'.... In a way I do not blame Air Europa for getting away with this lamentable service, they are one of only two carriers flying between Spain and Venezuela so do not have any competition... I do not think they would dare offer the same service on a flight from London to Los Angeles!

I have loved the flight, very professional and caring staff.

I was in flights from sap paulo <-> Madrid, the last one 11/15/21, That takes around 10:30 hour. Can you imagine that is served only a POOR meal after one hour of flight and nothing more??? We don’t have any service (besides in the morning a payed kart) or crew working in anything more than masks control. You need to pay for water / coffee is reasonable ? Even if you consider as low cost flights that you payed around U$ 700, courtesy and education should be showed by crew, things that Air Europe should learn to their employees on the airplane, a very rude people!!! It was not with me, but a complain for a lot people around. I have never been treated Like this before. Air Europa your journey will be short walking in this road. I, a constant traveler, will never more flight with you. I don’t need this kind of services!

Pros: "Extremely professional boarding process, and kind and attentive flight crew."
Pros: "crew was nice"
Cons: "they lie to you, they tell you that your luggage is included and then it's not and it cost you $300 more. only one meal in 9 hour flight. Find another company and another searcher"
Pros: "the crew was nice"
Cons: "They lie to you when they tell you that your luggage in included and you end paying $250 more. Now they only give you one meal in 9 hours and the prices keep going up. Find another company and another flight searcher."

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