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Asheville, NC, United States
27 Oct — 3 Nov
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Asheville, NC, United States
Wed 27.10
Wed 03.11
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Pick-up locationAsheville
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Asheville car rental reviews and directory

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7.2 Good (46 reviews)
2 locations in Asheville
Locations in Asheville
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Recent reviews
5.9 Okay2021 Oct 18
I have yet to receive a receipt closing out my rental. Had to pay a fee to re-schedule my pick-up time.
1.9 Horrible2021 Oct 04
They gave my car away and left me stranded. Ending up paying a ton of money for cabs.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 10
The man that handled the rental was nice and professional but was put in a horrible position by having no help and was taking about 20 minutes with each client and there was a long line. Seemed that most of the passengers from my flight rented planes. It was a very long exhausting wait in line. There was no one there to show you how to even use the vehicle or do a walk around.
1.9 Horrible2021 Jul 31
By the time I got to the counter no vehicles were available. Extremely bummed since I had a reservation.
8.0 Excellent2021 May 13
VERY friendly staff. Vehicle upgrade was excellent.Way too expensive.
2.0 Mediocre2021 May 09
Staff in Asheville was terrible. They ended up giving us the wrong car and we only found it out when we dropped it off in Jacksonville. Staff in Jacksonville as almost as bad. The car was also not cleaned before. Someone's old coke can was left in the car.Whatever you do, make sure you get a PAPER contract when you pick up your car. They said we didn't need one in Asheville and they just emailed it to us, but once we got to Jacksonville, Hertz acted like we should have had one and they treated us as if we were the problem with it not being there.
10.0 Excellent2020 Dec 25
Could not have been easier all the way around from staff at the counter to the car itself.Not a thing.
10.0 Excellent2020 Nov 10
Staff. Car.
2.0 Mediocre2020 Oct 13
They had over booked by 35 cars and we were stranded at a small airport with no rental car. They did not help in any way.Had a car for us. I'm very disappointed.
4.8 Okay2020 Oct 04
Got there and line was 20 people deep and people in front of me had been there for 90 minutes. One person at counter. left after an hour without a car.more people at desk, don’t overextend reservations
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Rated #2
6.6 Good (53 reviews)
4 locations in Asheville
Locations in Asheville
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Recent reviews
1.9 Horrible2021 Oct 05
My problem is with Kayak, not Enterprise. I requested a car from the airport. Kayak rerouted my request to a car rental 26 miles from the airport. luckily, Enterprise contacted me the day before so I could make other arrangements. Thumbs down, Kayak.
1.9 Horrible2021 Oct 04
I booked a vehicle and received a confirmation. I showed up to get my vehicle and was told they didn't have any.
1.9 Horrible2021 Sep 28
Got a call the day before trip saying the pickup location would be closed when we arrived. Said we would need to pick up at the airport. Cost would be 50% higher then added they had no cars.
10.0 Excellent2021 Sep 14
Be sure to decline the insurance offer. Kayak partners are cheaper. Also, you don't need the gas top off offer. $21.50 to refill the tank. I had a compact that only needed $10worth of gas.
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 24
Took us longer to get our car, after standing in line then waiting on our car to be available, than it took us to fly from Fort Myers to Asheville. 1.5 hour wait. Totally, unacceptable!
1.9 Horrible2021 Aug 22
Location closed when I was supposed to pick up my rental. Had to pay a lot more at the airport
1.9 Horrible2021 Jun 23
Car was not at airport to begin with, was at a satellite location. Took 2 hours to get there. Next, only car available was an abused Mustang. Not what I wanted. Car had exhaust leak, poor alignment, and stunk of pot, and a slow leak in a tire. Returned to satellite office to complain about the smell, they flushed ac with chlorine. Didn't help, the smell was back in 20 minutes. Eventually the tire went flat, no jack in the car. Waited 3 hours for roadside assistance to finally send someone (we were in the center of a small city). Agent on the phone for roadside assistance promised a different car, to be picked up at the airport. Drove half hour to airport next morning with donut tire, was told that I can not exchange there, I have to go to satellite office. Drove another half hour to satellite office with donut tire. Finally got a car closer to what I originally requested. Returning car to pay the bill and was surprised by the amount. Original price was supposed to be just $500. Now the total is $795. Could not stay and complain because we had to get to the airport for our flight. Will not ever rent from enterprise again, and I will advise anybody that mentions renting a car to avoid enterprise like the plague of a shady business that they are.
2.0 Mediocre2021 Jun 08
That they called me to tell me there’s no carsHave more vehicles available
2.0 Mediocre2021 Apr 21
The car was not clean. Especially in these times that is very disappointing. We believed we were renting a vehicle from the airport location not the TUNNEL RD location 30 minutes away. This was a total pain. The taxi to the location cost us $45 dollars. We literally begged them to change our drop off location. We made no less then 5 phones, tried to speak with a manager to change our drop off location and all we were told was NO- GET AN UBER. We were left with no options, we TRIED to get an UBER and the Asheville Uber did not show up at 5:00 am as we suspected we wouldn't. We drove an unnecessary hour in the car prior to driving to the actual airport Enterprise location and leaving the car there. We new we were going to have a problem and the staff simply did not care.
10.0 Excellent2021 Mar 28
Friendly staff.
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Rated #3
6.6 Good (38 reviews)
1 location in Asheville
Locations in Asheville
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Recent reviews
3.9 Mediocre2021 Oct 11
I put in the search “AVL” for the Asheville NC airport. It displayed a location that was 17 miles away. The taxi was $40. It was inside a full-size mall. Had a Downgrade of the car type. When I returned the car at 9am, the mall location did not open until 10am. Taxi another $40.
1.9 Horrible2021 Oct 06
Worse experience ever. NO vehicle available with a reservation
1.9 Horrible2021 Oct 03
Pickup location addresses were misleading. Pickup office closes early (1:00M only) and we missed the pickup time. They would not wait 20 minutes for us to arrive. Line was slow, too much paperwork. The car was not ready, it had to be delivered and took almost 30 minutes. Got charged extra $50 for the late pickup, so one less day then $50 more!!! Had to wait in line at drop off for 10 minutes! Good comfortable clean car.
5.9 Okay2021 Sep 08
I booked a one way trip from Asheville NC to Orlando FL. The booking went through but the printout from Budget said a return to Asheville NC not to Orlando. I called Budget with great difficulty and they informed me the car could not be picked up in Asheville bu at the Asheville airport and the cost would be $325 not $175. We made the adjustment and paid the extra amount be we were very disappointed. Your booking system on-line did not catch this error and that isn't good.
1.9 Horrible2021 Sep 07
The car was not ready for pickup until an hour after the scheduled time.
10.0 Excellent2021 Sep 07
budget was understaffed but i got a nice jeep at a great price. the girl was nice but needed help at the counter. i guess everything is like this post-Covid.
10.0 Excellent2021 Mar 19
Friendly and professional staffAdditional staff. Had to wait 45 min for car during pickup
6.8 Good2020 Sep 29
The car smelled like cigarettes
5.6 Okay2019 Jul 02
5.6 Okay2019 Jun 21
The employee at the airport was able to switch my reservation around so I could get a car from the airportIt was not clear from my reservation that the pickup location was not the airport and what time I would need to be there by to get the car.
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Rated #4
6.6 Good (97 reviews)
1 location in Asheville
Locations in Asheville
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  • 6.9
  • 6.5
  • 6.1
  • 6.8
Recent reviews
1.9 Horrible2021 Jul 13
No car was available. We waited for 1.5 hours and eventually had to rent a car from another company.
10.0 Excellent2021 May 16
Everything went smoothly
2.0 Mediocre2021 Mar 01
The staff at the airport was uncooperative and when I asked if I could change the drop off location the person at the counter made a point to be short and was not helpful. I also asked about adding another driver and he seemed annoyed at my questions. Because of this I canceled my reservation and booked at the counter next door. He told me that I would still be charged for the day if I switched in a manner that was intended to scare me than in making any effort to be helpful. but once I made the other reservation he was able to refund my money.Better customer service at the counter.
10.0 Excellent2021 Jan 03
Experience was great.
2.0 Mediocre2020 Sep 09
Nothing.They could have had a car. Some car. They did not. There were no cans or Uber's. So I was stranded at the airport. Thanks thrifty! Go fu k yourselves
8.0 Excellent2020 Aug 11
Staff was great! Second time we have rented from the same location. Got the managers special which at first was a shock...not a car but a truck!! That was the only vehicle they had available. I use a cane and had to step on my suitcase to get into the vehicle. Ended up being a very comfortable ride and so easy to drive. It ended up being a great ride with grand kids too!
2.0 Mediocre2020 Jul 24
Car was filthy and stinky - still had trash from prior renter. Ugh. Tire needed air.
3.6 Mediocre2020 Jun 19
The staff was pleasant at pick up. Although I did not get the car I expected, I was thankful I got a car because other travelers who reserved a car ahead of time were told, there were no cars left????I chose to reserve a car that was listed as managers special, and was under the impression that I would get at least a intermediate size car, I got I dirty Ford Focus, looked like it had not been sanitized and the carpet was dirty under the seats, center console was dirty, but since the counter agent was saying that was all they had available, unless I wanted to pay more - what recourse did I have?
10.0 Excellent2019 Nov 30
so easy to pick up and return at this airport location. love asheville!
6.0 Good2019 Nov 17
Pickup and drop off easy. Price was good.Inside windshield was dirty and made it VERY hard to see when it fogged up.
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Rated #5
5.4 Okay (14 reviews)
1 location in Asheville
Locations in Asheville
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  • 5.1
  • 5.5
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent2021 Jul 30
Both ladies checking me in and out were great !!!!!
1.9 Horrible2021 Jul 27
There were no cars ready for pickup at 8am. The manager showed up late and instead of getting cars ready for the 6 or so people waiting, he ate breakfast at the desk. When I asked how long it would take to get a car ready, the manager insisted he could not give me an estimate. I clarified that I wouldn’t hold him to the time, I just wanted a ballpark estimate to determine whether to go back to the hotel or consider another rental option. The manager told me he wasn’t going to deal with me and that it was up to me whether I wanted the car or not when it was ready. More than an hour after the pickup time a car was ready, but it was not the car I had reserved. The car smelled like cigarette smoke and I had to go back in to add damages to the damage form before I could finally leave. The woman at the front desk told me she was surprised that her manager had gotten irate over my request for a time estimate and also commented that she couldn’t believe he sat down to eat breakfast. I tried to get in touch with Avis corporate but they dropped the call multiple times. Overall a terrible experience.
2.0 Mediocre2021 Jun 28
No car available when arrived. Clerk was rude. No action taken to address lack of car.
6.0 Good2021 Jan 27
Not much, honestly. I specifically rented a small car and was given a larger SUV that I didn't really want to drive. See below. The dropoff in Chesapeake was fine. The rental price was much better than what competitors quoted me.Just about everything. The vehicle was in need of alignment so driving it was a challenge. And despite being told there was half a tank of gas, it was barely 1/4 of a tank. The pickup took forever because there was only one employee and the Asheville location was quite busy. And people pick specific cars during rental for a reason. I was supposed to get a Corolla or similar. Instead I got this EcoSport SUV that was bigger than I wanted, and wasn't really in great shape. Beyond that, the dropoff location is really hard to find. It's in an area with lots of other businesses and there's no sign that's visible from the road. If you happen to turn into the right place, there's a very small sign next to the front door that says "AVIS/Budget Group" but otherwise the building looks like a white house next to a Verizon store.
4.0 Okay2020 Dec 29
The car was absolutely filthy and most of the staff were rude, even on the phone trying to figure out where in the mall they're located. They didn't give me a printout with my total when I picked up the car and it wasn't emailed to me, turns out they overcharged me.
2.0 Mediocre2020 Sep 27
Drop off was easy, convenient location in airport.The car was not ready at the specified time. When it was 1 hour later at the closing time of the Avis branch, it had not been cleaned or vacuumed and smelled like marijuana smoke. Unacceptable during a pandemic.
6.0 Good2020 Sep 07
Went to pick up my vehicle at scheduled time and there were no cars available . Also asked for a car and they put me into an suv and charged me for it
5.6 Okay2019 Jun 01
Drop-off staff was helpfulCar smelled like smoke. Pick-up was slow and sales rep was distracted. Expensive for what we got
2.0 Mediocre2017 Jan 06
Wrong CarI did not receive the SUV that I rented online.
10.0 Excellent2016 Jul 24
Trustable 100%Excellent everything!!Took a little time the pick up
1 location in Asheville
Locations in Asheville
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  • Book your rental car in Asheville at least 2 weeks before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Compact rental cars in Asheville are around -8% cheaper than other car types, on average

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  • Based on ratings and reviews from real users on KAYAK, the best car rental companies in Asheville are Hertz (7.3, 74 reviews), Enterprise (7.0, 87 reviews), and Dollar (6.8, 52 reviews).

  • The average gas price in Asheville is ₪11.65 per gallon over the past 30 days. Filling up a gas tank costs between ₪140 and ₪186, depending on the car size.

  • Compact (Hyundai Accent or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type in Asheville.

  • Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

  • A Compact car rental in Asheville costs ₪217 per day, on average.

  • A Economy car rental in Asheville costs ₪172 per day, on average.

  • A Intermediate car rental in Asheville costs ₪189 per day, on average.